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Whilst I was making my breakfast this morning, I was scrambling the eggs and just about to pour them into the saucepan when I thought of something - I was about to eat the unhatched embryos of a chicken. I shrugged and made brekky anyways, but it got me thinking...

Why aren't more "neocons" vegan?

You might wonder where the connection comes in. It's actually quite simple. Most right-wing conservatives believe in what they like to call the "right to life" for all faetuses - as long as those faetuses are human. They have no issue butchering calves for veal, slaughtering animals inhumanely, hunting for sport (like the oh-so-religious Gov. Sarah Palin), and dining on caviar and eggs, all of which would seem to go against any "pro-life" policy.

I suppose if one looks at their creation mythos, it's fairly obvious that they feel humankind is different and better than the "lower animals" because we were supposedly made specially by G-d. Going by that train of thought...if G-d also created other creatures, then don't they deserve to be treated well? A faetus doesn't even have cognitive thought until the third trimester. They're no more special or unique than any other animal out there.

I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian, but I do my best to buy meats and animal products that are either Kosher (we Jews tend to try and ease the suffering of the animals we use for food), organic, free-range, etc. Being that I'm a staunch evolutionist, I feel that we deserve to be kind to anything that shares a good portion of our DNA. Hell...even dogs are 75% our genetic clone! Doesn't that count for something?

If some religious wingnut is going to preach to me about the "sanctity of life," they better damn well be talking about ALL life and not just WASP faetuses. Perhaps when every uberconservative decides to live in a manner that respects all living creatures (including the people on death row, who are also seen as less than human by many in the US) I will entertain the idea of giving up my reproductive rights. Until that day when Hell will undoubtedly have frozen over, I would prefer to maintain sovereignity over my own body.

I wonder if John McCain had eggs for breakfast this morning.


It's Been A While

Long time no post, eh?

The past two weeks have been hectic. I spent last Sunday-Thursday at my parents' house due to Hurricane Fay and her obnoxiously slow-moving path across Florida. I love my parents, but it was a great reminder of why I moved out...with nothing to do since everything was closed down, it was essentially 5 days of unadulterated togetherness time. I seriously thought I was going to go berko if I played one more game of Uno with my mum! Fortunately, I was able to leave when the eye passed stagnated above the central Florida area.

Spending time with people during a hurricane is a daunting and often irritating task. I now see why so many people hold hurricane parties...I'm not a heavy drinker, but I might be tempted to tipple the bottle if it meant getting through a hurricane.

In exactly one week, Xevian is moving in with me! I'm really excited and happy that we're taking this step. It's a massive change for both of us, to be sure, but after copious amounts of talking we're extremely sure that things are going to work out well. In honour of the big life change, I decided to redo my furcode...

So there you have it..."Shacked up with my SO." I'd have preferred "Living with my SO," but what can you do?


I guess being an anthropologist really boosted my "country count."

Maintenance is a Nightmare

Sadly, I am addicted to Elite Beat Agents (the game mentioned in the previous post). After staying up until 6am trying to beat "Jumpin' Jack Flash," I turned in for the night thinking that I was going to actually get some sleep (it's wonderful being off work and having classes finished for the most part).
I was wrong. Oh so wrong.

At 8am, maintenance came banging on the apartment door. Nobody got up to let them in, so they took the liberty of just...entering. The roommate who lived next door to me vacated already and they were sent in to paint her room. There are about three weeks from the day the lease for this year terminates to when the new leaseholders move in and they decided that the painting needed to be done TODAY? Idiocy. Between the hammering and banging (add in the smell of cheap paint), I couldn't get to sleep no matter what I did. I finally dozed off at about noon only to wake up at 3pm. I'm tired and cranky...and I still have to do laundry and pack a bit more. It doesn't help that I do NOT want to be anywhere close to my side of the apartment.

It would have helped if they'd have posted a note yesterday letting us know that they were coming, something maintenance usually does if they're planning on doing something major inside the apartment. I'd have pried the DS from my hands and forced myself to get some sleep.

I think I'm going to head off and stare blankly at the TV until I either pass out from paint fumes or fall asleep.
Elite Beat Agents is an amazing game for the Nintendo DS. If you haven't played it and own a DS, I would definitely check it out. If you don't own a DS, get a DS and buy the game.

That is all.


Life is peachy.

Xev is staying a few more days so we can sort out some scholarship issues by heading to VCC and to make plans for his impending move, whenever that may be.

If anyone has any good ideas for scholarships that would easily be obtainable for someone studying CS at the undergraduate level, let me know. I've been out of the undergrad loop for far too long to remember any of that.

We're both still feeling the effects of the Con crud. My sinuses are still a wicked mess and Xev's cold is starting to make its way to his chest. I think a few more days of lounging around should make things better.

I'm hoping to go see the Dark Crystal at Enzian tomorrow. I own the film, but it's so much spiffier to see something on the big screen, especially at a place like the Enzian. If neither of us feels like driving that far (20 minutes when ill is a haul, IMO), we can head over to Waterford Lakes and catch a new release...either Hellboy or Batman.


Inaugural Post

I finally gave in and made a damnable LJ after having a good portion of the people at Metrocon this year ask if I had one so they could contact me. I generally despise social networking sites, but I figure if this is a way for people to get in touch with me, so be it.

At least it's not MySpace.

I came back from the con ill, as did Xev. I have a fairly bad cold as does he...plus he has what we think might be pinkeye. I blame the crappy con hotel over everything, but that's just my opinion. I can't imagine what else would have caused it, though, so in my mind (at least), the hotel is at fault.

I'm heading off to watch some movies with my lovely lion. Yay for finally being home!